Ray Mobile Phones Uploaded With Hi-Tech Operational Features

Ray cellular phones have released three incredible cellular telephone fashions among clients. These are Ray T60, Ray M31 and Ray M20. These mobile phones have diverse exteriors but are uploaded with hi-tech operational features. The first version of T60 collection is like i-telephones in exterior body. It has functions of Chinese cellular phones. This handset assures customers with a warranty of 1 12 months and instant provider in case of technical troubles.

It is a dual SIM handset with a large and dynamic touch screen. The smartphone has been packed in an attractive thieve case. This handset is loaded with Bluetooth connectivity, mega pixel digicam and an expandable memory. It is operated with effective batteries. One battery may be carried as a spare one and may be used while the primary one exhausts in an emergency.

The 2nd Ray model M31 is a nice handset. There is a button at the top proper of the telephone through which all camera applications can be toggled. A mini USB port is gift within the cellphone simply beneath the toggle button. All out of doors programs can be downloaded and uploaded with cable connector thru this port inside the phone. Even the cell charger and earphone can be inserted into the USB socket.

The 0.33 smartphone model referred to as M20 has been loaded with MP3 player, expandable memory and GPRS. It also incorporates 3-mega pixel camera and bluetooth connectivity. Music player with an attractive touch display complements the software of this telephone. Ray mobile phones are cheap fee music phones with top notch features.

Updated: June 19, 2019 — 8:18 am

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